Newberry Library/West Side Story at the Lyric Opera House/eating at the Ritz – Chicago

I had an interview with someone who works at The Newberry Library located in an elegant old mansion in Chicago, just west of the Gold Coast. I wandered around afterward and particularly enjoyed the gift shop, which has a great selection of Chicago books and cards. I also peeked in on an exhibit about dance in Chicago, including g a poster from the early days of Hubbard Street Dance, one of my favorite companies.

In the evening, a real treat courtesy of my sister — a live performance of “west side story” in the also elegant Lyric Opera House, which I had never been inside. We played it safe with our pre-theater meal and ate in the restaurant in the Lyric which was fine and best of all, quick. The show was fantastic – the “Maria” had the most glorious voice, the dancing was great, the sets and costumes and live orchestra all great too. I didn’t want it to end.

Today, for one last hurrah, my Aunt MAT took me for a delicious lunch at the classy restaurant in the Ritz Carlton. Not too shabby! And now, here at O’Hare, my carryon under-the-seat-only bag with the cheapest fare (aka basic) appears to have passed muster. What a memorable and action-packed trip to Chicago! Thx to my family there!!!

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