Schønnemann/Copenhagen and Hello Norway/Bergen

Jimmy’s photo of us in Nørrebro

One issue with It not getting dark outside until midnight is that we can’t seem to stop. We feel like we should keep wandering and exploring this pretty seaside town in Norway. It is colder here but sunny and clear which is very good luck considering that this town fancies itself the rainiest place in Europe. We arrived after a short easy flight from Copenhagen and a short bus ride from the super modern and efficient airport. A lovely young woman who got off the bus with us – a Dane getting her masters degree at the university in Bergen – kindly helped us find the nearby but out of the way spot where our Airbnb is located, up a very narrow alleyway lined with old white-painted wooden houses with flower boxes. We are in the attic room of one such house, in an old area just above the red wood houses of the old Bryggen neighborhood. This is a completely charming place.

Our street in Bergen at 10:45 p.m.

We had a somewhat disappointing dinner at a cool restaurant, Colonialen Litteratyrhuset, we picked the wrong entree, which turned out to be under cooked and skinny white fish on the bone. The server realized  this without us mentioning and offered a second fish free, which we declined. We did take up the offer of free dessert. Oh well.

Lunch at Schønnemann

Lunch in Copenhagen at the venerable Schønnemann was much better. A very old world place with classic open faced sandwiches, hardy waitresses, low and timbered ceilings. Totally charming. We were amazed by how much the thin women at the table next to us ate. They had the crab salad sandwich (that filled me up) followed by a steak tartar sandwich. And beer and schnapps.

Before we left our great Airbnb In Nørrebro, our gregarious host Jimmy, a documentary filmmaker and televison news cameraman, insisted on taking our photo (he has compiled an album of his guests from around the world). It was a nice parting souvenir.

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