Thank you Alabama (where we visited for the first time this year…)


Sloss Furnace (old steelyard) in Birmingham (now a museum).

Friends asked me why on earth I’d want to visit Alabama — deep in the heart of Trump country — but that’s part of the reason we went last fall. I’d never been and wanted to see what a deep-Trump country place is like. We were only there briefly and primarily in one of the ‘bama’s bluest bits (Birmingham). But we took off-highway roads back to Mississippi (yes, we visited that red state too) , passing through Tuscaloosa and other rural, more red parts of the state. On one two-lane road, we counted at least a half dozen tiny evangelical churches in a row, akin to having all the houses on my block here in Iowa be churches. That told us a thing or two.

Last night, though, Alabama came through, offering  a much-longed for sign that this country has not completely lost its mind and moral bearings. Or so I’d like to think. And I’m glad to know that I can feel even better about visiting Alabama next time!

Site of the horrific church bombing by racists, two of whom were successfully put away by Alabama’s new U.S. Senator, Doug Jones.

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