Broadway Tower, Lions Inn/Winchcombe, Guiting Power, Slaughters, Boulton-on-the-water – Cotswolds Day Two

More driving and strolling and talking and eating with my old friends from London, here in the Cotswolds. We have been on some tiny narrow roads, seen glorious views, visited charming villages and eaten good pub grub. We have also been lucky with the weather, which has been dry, cool, sunny in spells, lower 70s.

We encountered tourists in some of the bigger towns (Boulton-on-the-water) and attractions (Broadway Tower, a folly tower with great views of 16 counties) but most of the time we have been happily surprised by the lack of tourists, maybe because it’s a weekday and before kids’ school holidays. In Winchecombe, we had a lovely lunch in the garden behind the Lions Inn (a ploughmans although no one seems to call it that any more…now it’s a “cheese board”; creamy cauliflower soup) and walked along the bridal path in Lower Slaughter (a sentimental favorite of mine… first visited in the early 1980s and last visited with my kids in 2004 when I insisted we get out of the car and walk a little so we could “feel the Cotswolds.”); did more strolling in Bourton (with ice cream in hand). I prefer the less touristed, quieter villages like Guiting  Power.

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