When in Marshalltown Iowa — dining at Zamora Fresh Market

Work brought me to Marshalltown, Iowa (about an hour north and a little east of Des Moines) yesterday and my nose for local Mexican food brought me to the back of Zamora Fresh Market  (on the town square across from the grand courthouse). Sure enough, behind all the shelves lined with Mexican staples  is a little cafe with good no-frills Mexican food that reminded me of the fare served in Dodge City, Kansas, another city that has become increasingly Hispanic (and a city where my husband grew up).

I had the tw0-taco special for $5.99 – one carnitas (pork), one asada (steak), rice and beans. Nothing fancy but moist, packed-with-flavor (or at least salt) meat. The roasted chicken I brought home for dinner – complete with roasted hot green chili peppers — was delicious.


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