The houses (Hemingway, Truman White House), Half Shell Raw Bar, Blue heaven – Key West

One thing we learned too late is to go first to the Truman White House if you want to tour both it and the Hemingway house — There is a combo ticket ($3 less than individual tix and you can buy it with a credit card. ) We started at the Hemingway House and had to pay cash and there was no combo ticket. oh well, both were interesting, probably Truman more than Hemingway although the Hemingway house architecture was more interesting.

The weather was in the low 80’s and gorgeous again (especially given that Iowa is now cold and snowy) so we did more of what we did yesterday – rode bikes all over (this time to Smathers Beach which wasn’t as lovely as Fort Taylor State Park but still nice —- big on water sports rentals and no fee but located on a big road and less secluded than Fort Taylor, which only costs $2.50 if you enter by bike). We stopped at the Coffee Plantation for coffee con leche but preferred yesterday’s Cuban Coffee Queen by the marina.   We also had lunch overlooking fish swimming in the green water of the marina at the Half Shell Raw Bar. Great rustic local ambiance and crab balls but I didn’t like my Hogfish (or some such) sandwich much. I preferred Pepe’s food but it could be that I have had my fill of seafood…although I had more for dinner at Blue Heaven because that’s what they’ve got. We didn’t eat until 9:30 p.m. because the very popular Blue Heaven (where you eat outside in what feels like a stage set, with dramatically lit rustic wood shack walls, old trees and a tiki bar in an outdoor courtyard) only takes reservations before 6 or after 9. I feel like we have done Key West. Glad we came. Although the people and room at The Speakeasy Inn were great, I wouldn’t stay there again – the location is just too noisy, especially during spring break.

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