Versailles, Little Haiti, Buena Vista Deli, Design District, Wynwood Walls – cool downtown Miami

Versailles cafe

We joined the old Cuban men at the Cafe Versailles takeout window for a sweet creamy Cortado (as good as imagined) then set out for the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Beyond some crafts for sale, there wasn’t much going on (I’d love to return for the outdoor market later in the week) so we walked several blocks south past various Haitian storefronts (bodegas, tax prep, immigration help) and side streets overgrown with vegetation and humble houses to Bueno Vista Deli, part funky Haitian-inspired decor and elegant Parisan pastry shop, where I had the best Niçoise salad and spinach quiche ever and picked up French pastries for breakfast that will no doubt be much better than the Cuban ones we’ve been eating.

Wynwood Walls

Just south of Little Haiti we were startled to find ourselves in the oppulent Design District, full of fancy designer clothing showrooms in dramatic new architecture. The Brits in particular found this sudden change in neighborhood startling. Soon after that we were in the hipster Wynwood neighborhood, a former grim warehouse area that is now home to work by major graffiti artists from around the world. WE went to the official “Wynwood Walls,” a park lined with walls brightly painted by one graffiti artist after another. The neighboring buildings also are full of graffiti works and trendy little boutiques. Great people watching with lots of Latin looking young people in tight casual getups. ONe interesting aside: at one point I saw an official looking person wearing a city vest and thought it wa parking control. The vest said mosquito control (or some such). Wynwood I has had Zika problems. WE didn’t encounter mosquitoes (or mossed as the brits call them) until Tuesday eve. RUss got a few bites sitting beside our pool.

In the late afternoon, we returned to our little bungalow and finally swam in our sweet little tiled pool. love this place and trip! the only thing I could do without in Miami is the traffic. WE had a nice dinner of leftovers and takeaway from Milam’s market. OUr bob hosts dropped by for a drink. INteresting people…the woman is a Cuban exile and has some strong opinions about the current situation. Their son is a well known movie director and producer (legos movie etc).

Peacock visitor


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