Two new (to us) restaurants on Chicago’s Gold Coast

chicpix2We had some good meals at two restaurants on Chicago’s Gold Coast, off of Division, earlier this week:

  • Nico Osterio, on Rush, was a pleasant spot for a reunion with a long-lost cousin. Light Italian fare for lunch. Good salads (tuna raw, kale chopped) and sandwiches (tuna, canned) although some of our party liked our meals more than others. (Yes, I’m talking about you Mike.)
  • chicpix4
  • Eduardo Enoteca, which pleased all. Small rustic interior, sunny front patio on relatively quiet street (Dearborn). We shared lots of small plates (excellent brussel sprouts, with pancetta and caramelized garlic;  okay cauliflower, spicy but somehow bland) a thin crust pizza with pancetta and wild mushrooms, cheesier (mozzarella) than expected but still good, springy ramen-like pasta with a light sauce of lemon, pepper, Parmesan and rosemary.  I particularly appreciated the bottomless glasses of fresh lemonade on a hot summer day and the four-year-old amongst us enjoyed her lemon ice cream! And I forgot about our chopped salad with raw tuna…so maybe it was forgettable? The menu also included bresaola (a beef version of proscuitto), which I love but didn’t detect similar enthusiasm from my fellow dinners. Next time.
    Nearby Eduardo's

    Nearby Eduardo’s


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