highlights and misc: Jackson Hole, SLCity and beyond June 2016

After returning to paved road near Antelope Flats

After returning to paved road near Antelope Flats

Best Luxury Resort we cannot afford to stay at again: Amangani in Jackson Hole

Best air bnb we can afford to stay at again (if it’s still an air bnb): Kelly, Wyoming (I won’t reveal more than that.)

Ansel Adams photo site (with people and via cellphone)

Ansel Adams photo site (with people and via cellphone)

Best Airbnb dog: Grace (in Kelly)

Best Airbnb host and kids: Kelly again

Best breakfast out: huevos rancheros at Nora’s Fish Creek in Wilson

Best breakfast in: Kelly air bnb (brioche and granola from Persephone bakery; Pearl street bagels)

Best breakfast food and scenery: the overlook at the Amangani

Best room patio and view: amangani (and best electric powered window shades)

Best deck (top and bottom floor)  views: Kelly

Best sandwiches: The Kelly at Gros Ventre (grow vant) roast beef, Vermont cheddar, on marble rye with horseradish and spicy mustard.

Best raspberry milkshake: Le Beau’s at Bear Lake

Best ethnic fare: Mazza (middle eastern) in salt lake. (The Himalayan kitchen wasn’t bad but their medium is spicy in our book)

Best steak and s’mores and band: rehearsal dinner, Spring creek ranch

Best Pool: amangani, preferably all to ourselves at night under a full moon or at daybreak with my sweet niece Lucy

Bluest Waters: Bear Lake (Utah/Idaho)

Best Hike: hard to say…Jenny lake inspiration point to cascade canyon, maybe although ski lake hike from Wilson good and hike from our bnb along the rushing river

Best drive: again hard to say 191-89 out along Teton range or gros ventre road east of Kelly or 89 between Logan and garden city Utah

Near AnselAdams shot, Tetons

Near AnselAdams shot, Tetons

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