Oh happy day: Mullets serving Woody’s BBQ in downtown DSM

mullets2FullSizeRender (15)The second floor open air deck  of Mullets, a cheerful bar/restaurant overlooking the rivers and Principal Park baseball field in downtown Des Moines, has long been a great place to stop for a drink (if not for the food) during a bike ride (it’s right off the trail.) Now there’s all the more reason to stop: Mullets is serving BBQ from Woody’s – the beloved little bbq shack in the Drake Neighborhood. During a bike ride on a perfect spring night yesterday, we stopped at Mullet’s for a half rack of ribs (well-smoked and sauced, a rich reddish-brown crust, meat fell right off the bone) and a pulled pork sandwich (lots of smoked succulent meat). Both excellent – and a great view from the deck of the entire city, with the golden domed state capitol in the distance. Life is good.


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