Great meal and warmer than expected at Le Jardin in Des Moines


To be honest, I wasn’t sure the new location of Le Jardin in beaver dale would be a good place for dinner on an unseasonably cold November eve. It remember the space with full window walls and high ceilings as drafty when it was Flarah’s. But we were pleasantly surprised. Not only was the food terrific but the space was warmer temperature and ambiance-wise than expected, with help from a cool wall mural by a local artist known for his graffiti as I recall. To be honest, when the door opened, the cold wind did blow in but otherwise, we warmed up. it also helped that we had a rear table away from the entrance.

The food was delicious. I had lamb goulash, a surprisingly light but flavorful dish that was served in a shallow bowl, tender pieces of lamb, carrots, and the occasional green olive that offered a little salty jolt, in a light broth/sauce atop little doughy pasta (spaetzle) with a fried egg on top. Perfect meal for a cold night. Also had a very fresh salad with mesclun, cranberries, goat cheese, candied nuts, a light vinaigrette, perfectly dressed. We will be back!

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