Iowa City – Hawkeye football and Short’s burgers

After watching Iowa trounce Northwestern in football on a cold clear day, we warmed up at Short’s Burger and Shine, which didn’t disappoint – excellent burgers with top-quality meat, prepared just as requested, and hand-cut fries. I tried the Greek-inspired burger with feta, cukes and tzatziki sauce (although after awhile I couldn’t resist adding ketchup.) My only complaint is that we were told we’d have about a half hour wait so we dawdled a bit at Prairie Lights, the great book store around the block, and returned about 20 minutes later to find we’d lost our table. So we had to wait some more- but only about 10 minutes (after bracing for another potential 30 minute wait…). Moral of story: stay put for the wait, which may be shorter than you were told.

#8: Arion burger (cucumber, tomato, feta, tzatziki sauce)

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