Ravello – Villa Ruffalo, Trattoria Cumpa Cosima, walking back to Punta Civita

Dramatic weather accompanied the dramatic scenery when we visited Ravello today. Just as we arrived in a crowded bus winding up and up a narrow road past mountain sides covered with lush vegetation (olive trees, lemon trees, vineyards), a dark cloud burst with rain. it took about a half hour or so to quiet down and what glory it left behind, with fog lifting from the mountains and sun breaking through to turn the mountainsides even greener and the Mediterranean even bluer.
Ravello is ravishing. I could stare out at the mountains jutting into the ocean for hours. And did. We enjoyed this while also walking through the gardens at Villa Rufalo, where a crew appeared to be dismantling a stage used for the Ravello festival. Cannot imagine what it would be like to watch a musical performance with the Amalfi coast as the backdrop, let alone to be the performer. we had a fantastic lunch at trattoria Cumpa Cosimo — slices of veal in a lemon sauce, a plate of assorted pastas (all excellent), tomatoes sliced into wedges served with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Simple but who needs more when the raw materials are so outstanding?
We took the long way home, a somewhat treacherous series of steps leading down the mountain to our new b&b, Punta Civita, which is even lovelier than our last across the road and promises to be quieter, since it is off the road.







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