Good news and not for our Brits vacationing in Boulder this week




Two items about Boulder/thereabouts in the paper today

1) 2nd day in a row lighting has been blamed in the death of a visitor at Rocky Mountain National park – parks’ first lightning fatalities since 2000. ( Didn’t even know this could happen)
 2) on a more cheerful note: Boulder cited as “best bike-friendly city”  “from family friendly paths to leg-searing climbs, Boulder has more than 200 miles of bike paths, lanes and roads with shoulders. The Boulder Creek Path (which we went on…) meanders 5 miles along scenic Boulder Creek (and ends up not far from the veggie burger I mentioned in an earlier email – or at least I think it did.). The reportedly largest free urban bike park in the U.S. is the 40 -acre Valmont Bike Park.”

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