Shelter from the dirt storms: ad Astra Books and coffee in Salina, ks.

imageYes it really is blowing dirt here in the Smokey Hills of central Kansas,  with brown clouds above the pale green and tan wheat fields, the occasional wind-whipped tree and  wind turbine farm.

But in downtown Salina we stumbled upon a little oasis of alternative-ness, Ad Astra Coffee and books. Cozy wood and stone interior with old sofas and sun drenched plants, Good coffee, not-so-great bagels (but can’t fault them for trying), interesting book selection including tomes by resident world famous (no joke) Agriculture visionary Wes Jackson of the Salina-based Land Institute.  very welcome after a grim night in a musty room at The Days Inn along I-70.imageimageimage

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One response to “Shelter from the dirt storms: ad Astra Books and coffee in Salina, ks.

  1. Timothy Green

    I have also had privlege to this oasis. First off, my coffee was superb. Toe to toe with any in the Seattle scene. I had to look outside to make sure where I was. Since becoming a local, I go there every day. Everyday, I grab a coffee and talk with other local transplants and natives alike. Definately the hippest place within a two hundred mile radious. Oh, and the bagels are improving, even though there is no local bakery. Isn’t that ironic Alanis Morrisette? No bakery in the breadbasket of America. Finest wheat on the planet, and the locals eat wonderbread like garbage. Don’t get me started!

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