Where to stay in the Badlands – Cedar Pass Lodge.

Badlands View 5, SD: ThinkStock
Over the years, people have asked where we stayed during a long ago trip to the Badlands of South Dakota – so I’m posting it here for future reference (and so I don’t have to keep searching for it elsewhere.)
It’s the  Cedar Pass Lodge and it looks like it’s been spruced up since we visited some 8 years ago. I remember individual cabins, that is was  very affordable and a great location, right IN the Badlands so you’d get up in the morning, go out the cabin door and there they were!  I also remember dining was an issue – and we ate at a little cafe right outside the park gates. I think it was the A&M Cafe (in Interior, S.D.) but not sure it’s around anymore. I did find a woodenknife cafe but that appears to have closed too. I recall the Lodge’s cafe didn’t have a good rep but maybe that’s improved too.
I also remember great free guided tours of the Badlands, by day and night (focused on night animals, which I recall was sort of scary sitting in the actual Badlands hearing about all the beasts lurking near by…we did spot a rattlesnake, fortunately during the day.) It rattled! And we were rattled.

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