Pine-pike Corridor, Seattle art museum, Pike Place market

I had a few hours to explore some of Seattle’s relatively new hopping neighborhoods on a grey but warm (50s) and never rainy day. The Pine Pike Corridor is about a 20 minute walk from the downtown waterfront and you have to cross that annoying freeway that cuts up the city. Someone told me Seattle is going to have its own big dig akin to Boston’s to put that highway underground.

Many of the shops weren’t open until 10 or even 11 a.m. But I enjoyed wallowing away some time at Odd Fellows, a quintessential Seattle spot with lots of exposed brick and scuffed wood and tin and the like. (see photo below) I had an excellent cappuccino and just ate an incredible cookie, with chocolate chips, caramel chips and walnuts, purchased at Odd Fellows. Also browsed in the famous Elliot Bay Books which apparently moved to the corridor about a year ago. I also stopped by the well known restaurant Sitka and Spruce (owned by the same chef as the place we enjoyed last night, Bar Sajor). I got a sandwich at the take out counter from a nice young guy who hails from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (Small world).

I ended up taking the light rail from the Westlake stop right near Pike Place Market to Sea Tac airport. Took about a half hour longer than my inbound cab ride (about 1 hour) but much cheaper $2.75 vs $46. Live and learn. I should have guessed progressive Seattle would have reasonably priced mass transit to the airport! Before I left I picked up some bagels at Pike Market Bagels which had passed muster at breakfast and some satsumas from the market. Now bumping along in the air above the Rockies en route to Chicago and after that, home. Great trip!

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