Great tips for where to stay and eat in Provincetown Mass!!

These come from our friend Kate who loves Ptown so much she got married there last year!!! We’re going in early October!

We just got back from a week there and it was so lovely. We usually search and rent an apartment from an owner. There’s a wide range of options available there in terms of location/price/size. You should be able to get a good deal wherever you go since it will be the off-season and prices drop significantly pretty much everywhere.

I would caution against finding a place too far on the east end of town, or on the other side of the highway, which would make it hard to walk to town. The far west side is about a 15 minute walk to the heart of town, so it always seems closer to me (but be wary of staying too far west if you’re not up for that). The town in general is very walkable, but it can be quite chilly there (it hit high 40s one night last week with high winds) so good to know that there are cab services around too and a ride anywhere in town limits is about $10. We sometimes find the walk to town seemed like a good idea on the way to dinner, but grab a cab on the way back if we’re not bundled up enough.

I know it won’t be beach weather, but it’s worth popping by Race Point and Herring Cove beaches, which are both nearby and great (keep an eye out for seals – they’re everywhere!). Race Point is the most dramatic, but you can drive right up to Herring Cove (no big dunes). Both are good places to watch the sunset (if it’s windy and cold, you could still enjoy it from your car at Herring Cove). You can also build a campfire on the beach if you’re feeling adventurous. You just need to get a permit from the ranger at the Province Lands Visitor Center (which is also the start of lovely bike/running trails and has nice views of Race Point & the dunes).

We have a TON of restaurant recs in town too. If you’re interested, here are our favorites:

Nor’East — Small outdoor biergarten with delicious food but might be closed that time of year —

Front Street –People have recommended this place to us for years and we only made it last week. We were kicking ourselves for not going sooner because it has truly excellent Italian food in a really cozy basement with a wine cellar feel. Good for when you grow weary of lobster rolls and oysters —

Ross’s Grill — Great waterview, great food, traditional/new American and seafood (love the fresh fried calamari) —

Red Inn — Another great water view with delicious traditional/new American and seafood (love their scallops, and the bacon wrapped fried oysters) —

Mews — Again, water view and great traditional/new american and seafood (sense a theme? this place has a really tasty and rich lobster risotto) –  

Lobster Pot — For the classic casual new england fare, get solid lobster rolls, Wellfleet oysters, fried clams, etc here. And, of course, it also has a water view —

Harbor Lounge — A good place to grab a drink with a great indoor view of the water and cozy/hip atmosphere. (We had a meet and greet here the day before our wedding.) —

SOME LODGING OPTIONS There’s also a number of cute inns and B&Bs.(Full disclosure – I haven’t actually stayed at any of these, but have looked at rooms in the first two, and did a lot of research about lodging in town before the wedding):

The Red Inn – Upscale boutique inn located on the far westside of town (same building as the restaurant with which it shares a name). Probably a 10-15 minute walk to downtown. My parents stayed here for the wedding weekend.

Land’s End Inn – Luxury guesthouse on a hill above the Provincetown Inn with panoramic ocean views. Pricey but by far the most outlandish and cool-looking place in town, and probably the best views. Located on the far west side of town, so probably a 10-15 minute walk to downtown. Staying here seems like an event in and of itself.

Crowne Point Historic Inn & Spa – Upscale inn and great spa on a quieter street in the heart of town. You can use their salt tub and sauna facilities at the Shui Spa if you’re a guest or if you book a massage/etc there.

West End Inn – Higher end guest house on the west end of town. 10-15 minute walk to downtown.

And here’s a  B&B directory with more —

…More than you wanted about Ptown, I know, but as you can probably tell I love it there! Have a great time!

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Aerial view of Provincetown, Cape Cod

Nickname(s): “P-town” or “P’town”
Motto: “Birthplace of American Liberty”

Location in Barnstable County in Massachusetts

U.S. Census Map

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