union market, h street, Granville Moore’s, Montmarte in d.c.

Fun day in our nation’s capital with old friends from Connecticut. On a perfect weather Saturday, we strolled around the Eastern Market and ended up eating a very good brunch at an oUtdoor table at a French restaurant, Montmarte. Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, an omelet with lamb sausage and an open faced steak sandwich. Cheerful,service. Life is good.
We stopped later at the gelato place nearby..Pitango or some such.

Then we drove nearby to Union Market, an indoor hipster artesianal food emporium with various shops full of products that looked straight out of Brooklyn (and some are). Good bread, cheese, meats, dairy, flowers, spices, home furnishings…in what appeared to be a former industrial building. Next stop XM Sirius headquarters where my friends son works in sports satellite radio. Cool building full of studios catering to the preferences of a variety of listeners. oops like a fun place to work too, especially for a 23 year old recent college grad. For dinner we went to one of the many bars and restaurants that have popped up on H street in the emerging NOMa (north of Massachusetts) neighborhood, Granville Moore’s, a Belgian bar with very good pub grub, mussels, fries, meatloaf sandwich, an appetizer with charred spicy pork bits and sautéed Brussels sprouts. Very rustic cramped decor with exposed brick and concrete walls and rough hewn wood beams added to the charm. My friends stayed at Hilton Garden Inn Capitol for a very reasonable $108. Seemed a good place!

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