NYTimes Iowa travel story – must now get to Goldies!

First David Bryne waxed poetic about Des Moines. Now comes the NYT frugal traveler who had high praise for Iowa in a story this week. And I quote: “Iowa turned out to be the most pleasant and picturesque of the states I’ve driven through so far: It’s not dead flat, at least not for long stretches; its gently sloping farmland reads like some sort of fantasy Americana: deep-green soy fields, wavy rows of corn (which I tried not to think of ending up as high fructose corn syrup), picturesque red barns and the occasional old could-be-haunted farmhouses.”  Eating in Iowa: Farm Fresh, Fried and FrugalWhile eating his way across the state, he stopped at some familiar places – The Gathering Table at the Wallace Center in Orient, Short’s Burger and Shine in Iowa City – and he went to one place that has been on my list for ages, Goldie’s in Prairie City (although I don’t really like one of its specialties – Pork Tenderloins. But I do like another one of its specialties, unfortunately-  milk shakes.)

He also mentioned a place in Fairfield I need to check out: the Golden Dome Market and Cafe,  with a vegetarian buffet including some of my favorites,   saag paneer and fresh peach blueberry pie.

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