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Klezmer Place in Old Town


Bar Smak, for Bigos, pickled cabbage with bits of meat, sausage, onion,garlic,mushroom, and pierogi filled with spinach.
– CK Browar, well known microbrewery, classic beer hall interior, cloudy warm ginger, wheat, dark, light beer
– Yellow Dog, hip minimalist Asian restaurant looked good but decided to stick with bar Smak, small untrendy,popular with locals. When else will we have authentic Polish food?

– Plac Nowy outdoor grill for kielbasa and fruit stands for fresh blueberries, raspberries, cherries(we couldn’t bring ourselves to try the zaplekanka, a toasted pizza – ish half an old baguette topped with
Smoked Cheese, salami, garlic sauce, mushrooms, pickles, whatever. We saw people eating this late at night, presumably taking a break from a beer garden.
– beer garden across the street from our Kupa Street hotel, Karmel,, on Jozefa Street.
-warsztat, recommended little restaurant among the busy ones on the one block but hopping Izaake Street, just north of our hotel.

– Watched troupe of German kids perform quasi circus tricks (unicycles, juggling, acrobatics, dance) before a large crowd in Rynek Glowny, the elegant main square that’s reportedly Central Europe’s largest square (not Europe’s as previously written here.)


Young traveler from south America who we met on a walking tour

We spent much of our last day in krakow on a free walking tour, first of,the,Jewish district and then of the old town. Great deal. Our guide worked for tips,which we gave him. he was funny and well informed and we also met a sweet 23 year old guy from Chile who reminded me a bit of my son and of my much younger self. He was traveling on a budget of 15 euro a day (about $20), hitch hiking and sleeping at hostels or couch surfing (something they did not have in my carefree youth.) It was fun to meet people from so many places on our English speaking tour – Ireland, Mexico, Portugal, Kurdistan, Idaho, Pennsylvania. We had drinks with an Indian guy from Stockholm.

TRAIN from Krakow to PRAGUE
And now we are on the overnight train to Prague which is all good except that our sleeping cabin is next to a loud American woman whom is having an argument with her grown son who apparently doesn’t appreciate the trip she is funding. My ear plugs are not up to the challenge. I may have to resort to my iPod which Dirck, on the upper bunk, has already employed. I am definitely glad that we booked these tickets well In advance because the sleeping cabins appear to be full. photos below of area outside train station in Prague and aboard krakow-Prague train.





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