Post-Boston marathon bomber standoff – a tale or two for those in lockdown

Locked down in her downtown Boston apartment on Friday during the manhunt for “Suspect #2,” my best friend from high school reports that she was getting irritated with CNN’s reference to “Suspect #1” going down in a blaze of glory. She found herself  castigating her television set for glorifying this guy. Then she realized, hey, I can actually chew out CNN in person because the anchor is right down the street. So she and her dog walked down Beacon Street and struck up a conversation with the CNN anchor, getting a somewhat frosty reception.

And then there was my niece somewhere in Watertown/Cambridge who reported on Facebook that after her neighborhood was given the initial (albeit short-lived) ok to leave their homes, she took her dog out for some fresh air and started hearing gunshots. Back into lockdown. A few hours later, Suspect #2 was in custody. Amen for that.

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