Lockdown – the ultimate trip?

Hardly a day goes by, it seems, without another report of a school or office building or college in lockdown, in response to yet another threat of a mass shooting or mass knifing or terrorist bombing or crazed person in the vicinity. Which has me wondering, inevitably, if there’s a lockdown in all of our near futures.

And what one does during a lockdown. (Is there a lockdown etiquette? Lockdown do’s and don’ts? Lockdown reading? A lockdown play list – music to lockdown by?  Lockdown lullabies?)

And if you’ve never fully lived until you’ve been through a lockdown.

And if being in a lockdown will become a new badge of honor or status symbol or cause for one-upmanship or inspire an anthology of lockdown tales, lockdown lore?

Or if it’s bad taste to  think or articulate such a thing?

Or if there is any humor whatsoever to wring out of this otherwise dismal situation we all find ourselves in?

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