Danish Modern in Elk Horn Iowa – sounds about right

Haven’t been to Elk Horn, an all things Danish town in western Iowa for years. When we lasted visited, we had young kids interested in touring the town’s famous windmill. Now there’s an exhibit of Danish Modern furniture at  Elk Horn’s Danish Immigrant Museum that looks well worth a visit. We have some remnants of my parents’ Danish Modern stuff from my childhood home in Michigan here in Iowa – but some of the choicer pieces, that now go for big bucks, are long gone, sadly. Used to love spinning around in our Arne Jacobsen swan chairs, which I didn’t know at the time were destined to be design classics. As Mad Men’s next season approaches, we’re all being primed to see more Danish Modern 1960’s classics. The show Danish Modern: Design for Living runs thorugh Jan. 5 so there’s plenty of time. see dkmuseum.org. We just watched a very good Danish movie last night, as fate would have it, “A Royal Affair” which was about a very interesting period in Danish history during the late 1770’s.

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