wasabi chi – suspicious sushi in Des Moines

After hearing about good reviews for Wasabi Chi – an Asian restaurant specializing in sushi in Des Moines – we gave it a try last Saturday night. The place was very busy at about 7 p.m. and our server was very good.  The tempura was good – crispy, quality ingredients – vegetables and shrimp, piping hot.   We tried two sushi roles that our server said were popular – and they came out quickly and were huge (about 8 pieces each). But they both were not what we expected, way too busy with too many competing flavors, and the fish itself seems strange – almost ground and not cold like we’ve come to expect sushi. Neither seemed very fresh or raw  – one roll (King Crab Crunch) appeared to be cooked fish although the menu indicated it featured raw fish. (Since it’s a tempura roll it was presumably somewhat cooked.)   We didn’t like the taste of the other one with tuna much either  (Marilyn Monroll).

Maybe we ordered the wrong things but we both felt vaguely ill after the meal and aren’t likely to return. Oh well. Fortunately there are other good sushi options in Des Moines – Miyabi remains our favorite. We also liked Haiku near Drake during a recent visit.

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