Clever ways to lure people to view art at Grinnell College’s gallery


 Luring people to art galleries and museums can be challenging but Grinnell College has some cool ideas for coaxing people to see the compelling Robert Polidori photography exhibit (photo above) in its Faulconer Gallery including:

– Yoga in the Gallery on Mondays and Thursdays through March 14.

– A “Let Them Eat Cake” event this Saturday (Feb. 16) that presumably was inspired by Polidori’s dramatic Versailles photos currently on exhibit. You can make and wear a wig while eating your cake and touring the gallery. There’s another Versailles event on Feb. 26 – a presentation by several Grinnell College professors about the art, opera, and baroque music that Versailles gave birth to.

– The founders of “Team Rubicon” – military vets who provide disaster relief after catastrophes like Hurricane Katrina – will speak on Feb. 25 in the gallery, which also features Polidori’s photos of post-Katrina New Orleans. The founders, Jacob Wood and William McNulty, will also talk about their recent work helping people on the east coast after Hurricane Sandy. And they’ll pick up their 2012 Grinnell Prize metals.

– A lecture by a Grinnell Professor on March 12 on the political impact of Chernobyl – the exhibit also features photos, you guessed it, of the post-Chernobyl Ukrainian countryside.



2 responses to “Clever ways to lure people to view art at Grinnell College’s gallery

  1. Lesley Wright

    Thanks for the supportive words about our exhibitions and programs.

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