Nashville Cowboy Church, east Nashville shopping, RFD tv, 5 Spot

I had a Nashville day from start to finish and it was so much fun, even if there was torrential rain for much of the day. First stop, some Christian gospel music at the Nashville cowboy church held in a theater in a worn out strip mall near our hotel. Surely I was the only Jew in the room. But some fine music by, among other Johnny cash’s sister Joanne and Ernest Tubb’s nephew. I could have done without the forced prayer and prostelizing at the end but comes with the territory.

From there a completely different Nashville in the emerging east Nashville neighborhood where I had some of the best scrambled eggs ever, made with with gruyere and cream and hand cut bacon, thick slabs. Then I spent maybe two hours I one of the best craft/art galleries I have been to in a long time, art and invention. Fantastic assortment of jewelry, textiles, ceramics,glassware, exquisite little paintings of that when combined looked beautiful).

FROM there I went next door to another row of little shops in houses goodbye girls and hello boys – test vintage clothes and then to a mid century modern vintage/antique stoe next door, Wonders on Woodland. i now I have restocked my Xmas gift closet.

We went to a party at RFD tv (which means rural free delivery…a national AG cable tv station) and toured their studios. Fun. And tonight we ended by listening to great live rockabilly By Heath Haynes at the 5 spot club in east Nashville. Loving this trip.

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