The welcoming committee in wright Kansas

The canine welcoming committee was waiting for Ernie, our vizsla, when we took our first walk in the small town of wright, Kansas where my husband grew up. Three dogs were waiting in a pack in the driveway as Ernie came out on her leash, pulling me behind her. Although Ernie seemed game, I wasn’t sure our city dog was ready to roam with these townie scruffs so we stared each other down for a few minutes until they appeared to lose interest and trotted off down the dirt road toward the church.

Today it was so cold and windy and snowy that I never made it out the door and Ernie took a few very brief walks with other attending adults. Back to Iowa tomorrow. Below is a photo of my other in law on her 89th birthday (Xmas eve) with some of her grandchildren….

<img src="" alt="20121225-222121.jpg" class


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