Collecting string – so to speak – on Nashville

It’s looking like I might tag along on my husband’s business trip to Nashville in January so I’m starting to collect some string on the place. I’ve only been there once – very briefly during a road trip with my dad in 1989, although long enough to go to the Grand Ole Opry and to a really cool old roadhouse for dinner. I found two Nashville ideas  in a recent issue of an inflight magazine during our trip to Peru (and since I’m starting to write for inflight magazines I like them more than ever!) Here they are:

– Arnold’s Country Kitchen for roast beef, onion rings and tomatoes…and one of my husband’s favorites, chicken fried steak. also known for fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, cornbread (grilled or baked) and banana pudding. 605 8th Avenue South; 615-256-4455

– Layla’s Blue Grass Inn for live music!

Southern Diner Restaurants: Arnold's Country Kitchen, Nashville, TN


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