Watching US election results in Arequipa Peru

Well it would help if we understand Spanish. But hey, we just found CNN in English so we are all set. But there is a certain cognitive dissonance to be watching American election results in this very ancient city in Peru.. We are in an 18th century hostal in the old section of Arequipa, in a room with thick stone walls, worn wooden French doors, wrought iron grills on the windows, thick red bricks by the bathroom. our room opens up into a small stone and tile courtyard with lots of potted plants. Oh god, CNN is talking about how close the vote is in Iowa. This is nerve wracking.

Arequipa is absolutely charming. The Plaza des Armas is gorgeous with a huge white stone cathedral with snow capped mountains looming behind it and two story arched colonnades lining the rest of the square. Oh god, james carville says Obama will likely carry Florida and win the election. Back to Arequipa, the creamy white sone facades of the churches and even the banks are stunning, many opening into lovely courtyards. Then some buildings are painted in deep shades of blue, red, mustard
including la casa de melgar hostal where we are right now. We had an excellent dinner two blocks away at Zigzag, which specializes in meat and fish served sizzling on black volcanic stones. I had rack of lamb. Dirck had chunks of pork, beef and alpaca. yes alpaca. No guinea pig this time.Tomorrow we sight see…first stop the monasterio de Santa Catalina, whose thick stone walls line a long block. Cannot wait. Love this place. Reminds us at times of places in Spain and Italy yet it feels very Distinctly South American…especially Peruvian. Here are some photos of our hostal. Oh my god elizabeth warren won. I am soooooo happy!





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