take me to Spillville Iowa for some crazy clocks


Inside view of the museum

I was writing a travel story about Iowa for a in-flight magazine last week and it dawned on me that I need to get to Spillville Iowa sometime. It’s a tiny town in northeast Iowa not far from one of my favorite cities – Decorah – and it has this interesting museum full of massive wooden clocks handcarved by two Czech Bohemian farmers during many a long winter during the early 1900’s. One clock pay homage to Charles Lindburgh’s historic flight, another – the apostle clock – features the 12 apostles who appear on the hour! Can’t miss that. Adding to the oddity, this is also the house where Czech composer Antonin Dvorak lived briefly in 1893 – long enough the compose a well-known string quintet there. The museum has an exhibit of some of his stuff. Interesting combo…

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