Megabus accident – on chicago to st. louis to Kansas City route.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: There’s now some question about whether there was a fatality in the Megabus crash, according to the most recent reports.  The bus was apparently headed to St. Louis and then Kansas City. Stay tuned.
UPDATE: Sad and disturbing news that at least one person has been killed and many injured in a Megabus crash today on I-55 in Illinois. I held my breathe as the radio announcer reported the destination city of the bus that left Chicago: Kansas City. (Not Des Moines, where I live.)

AS I WROTE earlier today: (which now seems a trivial matter indeed…)

My son took the Megabus last Friday afternoon from Washington D.C. to NYC and all went well EXCEPT that the ride took longer than expected (over 5 hours) due to traffic AND he’d forgotten to bring any food along, which was a problem because the bus didn’t make a stop for passengers to catch a quick bite. (This stop happens sometimes but not always on the Megabus route between Des Moines and Chicago, which I’ve ridden many times.) Fortunately he did bring water – but when the bus finally arrived in Manhattan at 11 p.m., my son was really hungry.

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