Washington state travels – a little more

Okay, I’ve dug out my journal from 1990 (#20…and fun fact, I just finished #53 last night)  to unearth a few more suggestions for E’s trip to San Juan Islands, Seattle et. al.  Most of the places still appear to be around (and several now have elaborate websites, of course.) Now I REALLY want to go return!

Here they are:

– In Seattle, (on night one of honeymoon) we stayed at the Salisbury B&B in quiet neighborhood at Aloha and 16th Streets.  (Capital Hill)

visited Pike Street Public Market, at Ivar’s Clams (oysters best), walked around Pioneer Square, browsed at Elliot Books; ate at posh Canlis restaurant (courtesy of Uncle Tom, who touted its fresh salmon)

– Anacortes – stayed at another charming B&B, The Channel House (in the “honeymoon suite” no less, only room available) before  taking ferry to San Juan Islands.

– Orcas Island: Stayed at Orcas Hotel,cheerful old hotel, greets you right when get off the ferry; Stopped at craft cooperative/good lunch at Cafe Olgahttp://www.orcasartworks.com/ (in Olga, Wa) cool place and has cabins for lodging! Might be called The Doe Bay Resort http://www.doebay.com/ (hippie dippie is how I described it, with clothing-optional mineral baths, yurts., got new owners in 2002); really lied the old fashioned Rosario Resort (including a free lecture, slide show, musical presentation about the island’s history.) Main part of resort is an old mansion. Dinner we ate at The Bungalow (jumbo shrimp scampi on squid pasta and our waitress turned out to be a hitchhiker we’d picked up earlier in the day. small world, Orcas.) Hiked 2-3 miles around Cascade Lake in Moran State Park in the drizzle; got lost, flagged down a passing car and got a lift; drove to top of Mt. Constitution (great view). Ate dinner at La Famiglia Ristorante, homey Italian.

San Juan Island/Friday harbor: rented mopeds to tour island; romantic Olympic Light b&b (reminded me a bit of the Hamptons w/mountains and w/out flashy mansions/people;  later found out that’s where one of owners is from); Dinner at The Duck Soup Inn – food ok but atmosphere lovely; explored American Camp National Park – spectacular; went to a neat old resort Roche Harbour and organic farm nearby.

I have some other stuff on Port Townsend, other parts if you need E! x0x,b

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