San Juan Islands/seattle

My stepdaughter is looking for travel tips for a trip to Seattle and the San Juan Islands in late June. Lucky her! We went there for our honeymoon almost exactly 21 years ago so my memory is a little rusty but I will pull out my trusty journal and find some stuff for her. I do remember that we took the ferry from Anacortes – a more “real” town that we really liked -to the main island and stayed at Friday Harbor. Then we went to another island.(I must ask my friend Denise for tips since she was there recently.)

Other places we visited and liked a lot during our trip: Victoria on Vancouver Island, Port Townsend (land of Dungeness Crab and where Officer and a Gentleman was filmed), and the Olympic National Park and the Hoh Rain forest (and Indian reservation there) and Forks, WA (where Spotted Owl vs. loggers battle was brewing)  and Concrete, Washington (where the novel/film “This Boys Life” is set) and the lodge at Snoqualmie Falls where the  tv show “Twin Peaks” (which was a cult fad in 1990) was filmed. We also went to the indian reservation near the Hoh Rain Forest in the most northwest corner of the 48 contiguous states. (fun fact….)

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