Using the Kindle in a foreign land: pt. 2

Before I left the US for Panama, I wondered if my Kindle would work in a foreign land. It did work for reading ebooks (which I don’t do on my Kindle, oddly) and it helped that Panama has the same outlet plugs that the U.S. does. But didn’t work for getting my daily New York Times fix – which wasn’t crucial anyway since I don’t tend to read the paper much when I’m racing around on vacation. (Although we did end up watching CNN a few nights because we wanted to know what was happening in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East.)

As for Wi-Fi in general, we found we had to pay for it at the fancy resorts we stayed at in and around Panama City – but it was free at the little $80 a night B&B we stayed at in Bocas del Toro. Why is that?

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