Rainbow Room, Central Synagogue, Little Island, Whitney Museum, High Line- NYC

If I lived in NYC, I might attend Shabbat services a lot more than I currently do…if said services were at the Central Synagogue on Lexington and 55th. There is so much singing, and live instrument playing, Broadway caliber, that I am truly transported. maybe not to God but somewhere otherworldly, especially in the magnificently ornate Moorish temple.

On little island

After my cousin’s bar mitzvah performance (bravo Casey) we had quite the party at The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center, way up in the 65th floor where we posed for photos outside on the deck with the Empire State Building twinkling in the background. The place was sufficiently elegant inside with lots of fancy well-dressed New Yorkers and lively 13-year-olds. I danced the night away, often in the company of very energetic party motivators and by the end of the evening I could barely walk but it was worth it, I think.

After a little fika at the Swedish bakery, fabrique, (which we discovered years ago in Stockholm, lily and I visited the Stunning “little island“ off the west side Highway near the Whitney Museum. A lovely little well-landscaped oasis in the Hudson River with more incredible views of the downtown skyline, the Statue of Liberty and New Jersey. The Whitney’s Jasper John’s show was worth a visit but my favorite painting- with a broom wasn’t there. I really liked his US maps. We also. Handed upon a show by Jennifer Packer, that I really liked and a fun craft as art show, and then more glorious views from the various balconies of the Whitney, followed by a walk north along the High Line, always a favorite. The subway has a new pay option (or new to me) — you can pay by tapping your credit card or debit card rather than buying a MetroCard. Pretty dandy.

View from Whitney
Little island
At the Rainbow Room

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